Universal Peace Songs



                                             PEACE ON EARTH AND IN IN SPACE  



                                           Music and lyrics by Pia Elisabeth Larsen 

                                                               RAIN BEAT Music 



                     Pia`s Cooperation with Peace Organisations Started co-operation with Carol Rosin Summer 2011.
                                        "The Treaty On Prevention Of The Placement Of Weapons In Outer Space" 




                                                                      Peace On Earth And In Space





                                             Knocking On Your Governments Door




Recorded in December 2011 ..as the song says: "We don´t need to discuss it anymore if they are here or what they want" .. they clearly do not want us to weaponize space and they are not hostile.  We are still here! .. as those words in the song alludes to the discussions and reflections during the last 70 years about who the visitors - the extraterrestrial beings are; what they want here on Earth. 

Of course the questions is relevant for those who don´t know anything about the incidents has happened (since the forties when we started the first nuclear tests...) But the words are directed to the governments and world leaders who know very well about the other civilizations visiting Earth -  the facts they can no longer hide or repressed ... the truth and the possibilities right infront us are here ...  for cooperation on World Peace and for new solutions and benefits for our planet and all people on Earth that we will learn from the Cosmos Cultures...


The facts and information present such tremendous opportunities for global transformation and development but this has been withheld from the people for so many years. Now is the time where and when we all must face the facts and if governments do not want to open up to these informations and opportunities NOW, we are the people who have to step up and  "Knocking On Your Governments Doors" and pressure them to open up for this!  


We on the planet don´t have the time anymore to stay on Status Quo. We are running out of time and we need to change cource and awareness  NOW.  We need to move forward as a civilization here on Earth, find the new  energy solutions for free, cheap and clean energy, and for  

"Peace On Earth and in Space" with no more violence or wars and no more suppression on Earth. The world is moving NOW… not in 20 years  but NOW. We and the World Leaders need to decide whether existing governments will lead their respective countries and peoples towards world peace and the new opportunities.  The movements will happen anyway.  You are the one who decide if you wanna go with those new movements, and "Knock On Your Government Doors" to ban all space-based weapons, acknowledge the wisdom of the indigenous cultures and all we will learn from the Extraterrestrial Cultures about who we really are in the universes and about solutions to so many

earthbound problems.




The song "Deactivation" is written as a reference to the many events happened at the nuclear bases around the world. Ufoés Shut Down 27 Missile Silos In 1967 at Malstrom AFB  



                                                      Pia Larsen RAINBEAT Music 

                                                         Copenhagen Denmark


Pia has been singing as front during the last 10 years in different soul, rock bands. For 4 years working and singing in the Etta Cameron Godspel- ensamble "Voices Of Joy" all around in Denmark as well in Sweden, Germany and Norway - She have previously been singing as backing for Westlife when they visit Denmark on a TV show-as Michael Bolton on Tour in Denmark.  


She also have beensinging as front in Aretha Franklin Tribute Band A Cover Band from 

Copenhagen/ Denmark http://www.myspace.com/arethafranklintributeband  - and have been singing 

Gospel in HAPPY DAY Choir directed by Debbie Cameron. 


The last RAIN BEAT recordings www.flexmusicpr.ws are from the BLUE BASIC STUDIO INCOPENHAGEN - Niels Harbo 

as Co Producer ... "THE CHANCE" with also Debbie Cameron as co- producing and arr./featuring 

"I’M STAYING"recorded at Sassy music Studio with Rowan Producing and arr.

"FOLLOWTHE HEART" with Thomas Nesborg as Co/producer

"VENUS AND MARS" with special featuring Dr. Steven Greer Speech from The Disclosure Project -NationalPress Conference Washington DC 2001 www.disclosureproject.org



                                                                         BUILDING IT TOGETHER  

                                                          Music Elizabeth Ortiz, Lyrics & Vocals, Melodi, Pia Larsen


                                                                                 BUILDING IT TOGETHER



Dedicated To Universal Peace, with deeply  thanks  to The Keshefoundation; Spaceship Institute, Mehran Keshe, Carolina Keshe, Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, all Knowledge Seekers around the globe, all organisations working for Global Peace and - deeply thanks to all the people and entities on this Earth and in the Universes.

                                   For new developments, understanding and Cooperation for Peace, Joy and Prosperity