Tribute Band To Michael Jackson


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Book the Band/ Setups


1. Bacing Tracks, Lead Vocal and Band 

2. Larger Crew -Band + Backing Singers /Eventually w.  Featuring Artists. 

3. Extended w. Gospel Choir to specific numbers. (EX: Heal The World, Earth Song, Man In The Mirror, Will You Be There)

4. Full Crew by major arr. / Large stages + 4 dancers 



                   Demo recordings and informations



Sometimes God sprinkles a little star-dust on people at birth. 

What made this legend unique was that he shared this star-dust with all of us.....

Michael was a King.  An emperor, a guru and throughout it all he remained: A man.  A man who truly cared about the betterment of humankind.....

 The world doesn´t need anybody to re-sing, or re-think his songs - but it would be a tragedy for all Mankind to forget him.  So it´s in this spirit that we wish to keep his memory and songs ever-alive, ever-glowing, ever-radiant, not only for the sake of ourself, but for the sake of our children, their children, and everybody´s children.


Throughout the decades of his lifetime, as we´ve marvelled over his incredible talents as a singer and dancer, it´s also his messages that have kept us glued to the television and radio.  His songs will never die - the energy he brought to the people, the music industry, and the courage he brought to our hearts and homes for a brighter day, whether geo-political or humane, is an inspiration we can act from and keep alive forever. 





                                        Thank You Michael