RAIN BEAT AudioTrack


                                 Happy World https://soundcloud.com/rainbeat/happy-world-1


                              Follow The Heart https://soundcloud.com/rainbeat/follow-the-heart-1


                            Building It Together https://soundcloud.com/rainbeat/building-it-together-1


                                  I´m Staying  https://soundcloud.com/rainbeat/im-staying


                                  The Chance https://soundcloud.com/rainbeat/the-chance


                                 Go And get It  https://soundcloud.com/rainbeat/go-and-get-it





                               Venus And Mars   https://soundcloud.com/rainbeat/01-venus-and-mars-mix-final


               About RAIN BEAT Music, Pia Elisabeth Larsen and Cooperations

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          The sample clip with Steven Greer Speech 

                  in VENUS AND MARS Song track

                         The Disclosure Project


              The National Press Club Conference 

                         Washington DC 2001 

                     Watch the conference here  




                                          EKSTRA INFORMATIONS

               Events happened at the nuclear bases around the world

             "UFOs Shut  Down 27 Missile Silos in 1967 at Malstrom AFB"

                                                 Larry King Show:

                                    Retired USAF Capt Robert Salas: