RAIN BEAT AudioTrack

Go And Get It   Pia Larsen Lyrics, Vocal, Music Frontsession Band


"VENUS AND MARS" recorded in BLUE BASIC STUDIO 2007 CO Producer  Pia Larsen / Niels Harboe - with special featuring Dr. Steven Greer The Disclosure Project  at the 

                         National Press Conference Washington DC 2001                                   


FOLLOW THE HEART produced by Thomas Nesborg

THE CHANCE recorded in BLUE BASIC STUDIO Produced/ ARR: by Niels Harboe, Pia Larsen, Debbie Cameron

HAPPY WORLD BLUE BASIC STUDIO Produced by Niels Harbo, Pia Larsen

I`M STAYING Recorded at SASSY MUSIC produced by



                VENUS AND MARS TRACK 

       Sample Speak with Steven Greer Watch: 

   The National Press Club Event Washington DC 2001


EKS: Events happened at the nuclear bases around the world .."UFOs Shut Down 27 Missile Silos in 1967 at Malstrom AFB" Larry King Show: Retired USAF Capt Robert Salas:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgUGMM8N9ow 


Closing thoughts congress-men and woman Lyn Woolsey Closing thoughts  2013: 



 Frederik Uldall fra Exopolitik Danmark Exopolitik.dk 6 may 2013


Hon. Paul Hellyer Key-note Speech (Key Speech) at the X-Conference 2008


Edgar Mitchell on UFOs at Press Conference